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Mini Frost Fan

Mini Frost Fan

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Upgrade your cooling game with the Mini Frost Fan: Fight the heat like a pro!

This personal air cooler combines a portable air conditioner and an humidifier. 5 in 1 functional design, low-noise powerful fan, 5 large-caliber atomizers, 7 color lights, timer (1H / 2H / 3H) to meet all your needs.

- Experience the perfect blend of cooling power and refreshing airflow.

- Fast Cooling Down: Stay cool with the Mini Frost Fan's rapid technology. It quickly cools down the surrounding air, providing immediate relief from sweltering heat.

- Air Humidifier: The Mini Frost Fan also functions as an air humidifer, infusing the air with moisture to combat dryness and enhance the overall quality of the atmosphere.

-Multi coloured LED lights & low noise: The Mini Frost Fan features multi-colored LED lights, allowing you to choose from a variety of soft and soothing colors. It operates with low noise, ensuring a peaceful and serene atmosphere for you to relax.

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